About Founded X

About Founded X

All countries in the world have their own unique advantages and characteristics. Starting a business in each of these places requires exceptional courage and persistence. As founders of Ideation Kings, we've started this global initiative to celebrate local innovative startups. Not focused on famous startup hubs but build around the underdogs that develop tomorrow’s innovations and are eager to participate in the worldwide startup economy. The lists presented by Founded X are a tribute to all those startups that are proud of their local roots. We've written more extensively about the initiative in one of our blog posts.

Founded X Team

The Founded X Community consists of 1500+ dedicated members that work closely together to build the local ‘Founded in...’ lists and global Founded X products. Thanks to all of them for making this startup initiative possible.

Our core team is gathered from various parts of the world. From left to right we’ve Maarten & Tim (founders), Emile (development), and Earteza (community management).

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